Thursday, December 29, 2011

Work stress = bad eating and exercise, right?

The stress that I've been succumbing to at work is building up more than it had been before the holidays. I worked from home on Tuesday, worked at a different office on Wednesday, and was in my own office today. Tomorrow I'll probably work from my office again, but I get a lot more done when I work from home as there are many fewer distractions there than are at the office. Even though my stress has been increasing with the impending due date of a huge ass project I've been working on all year, my eating and exercising has been pretty damn good this week.

This is appropriate.
I had a few slip ups, but other than popcorn for lunch on Tuesday and a Grande White Mocha from Starbucks yesterday, I've done pretty well with my eating.

Tonight I did my second sans Oli workout and it was much less painful and draining than the workout on Monday. I may not say the same thing tomorrow morning, but for now I don't think I'll suffer as much as I did earlier this week! Last night was just cardio so I decided that instead of doing the Arc Trainer for 20 minute intervals, I would do the Step Mill for 10 minutes. Ha! What a joke. I did my first 7 minutes and had to pause in order to catch my breath. Then I finished the rest of the first 10 minutes just fine. I took about a minute and a half break and then attempted to do 5 more minutes. I thought I'd be able to finish, but boy was I wrong! I had to pause again after only 2 minutes and then I only made it another 2 minutes and 11 seconds. My calves were burning so badly. I stopped because I just didn't think I could take another step. So I foam rolled which helped some, but walking out to the truck was still a challenge. All the exercise and eating well has helped keep my stress level lower than what it would normally be if I weren't practicing those good changes.
True, true.

All in all it's been a great week. The Maintain, Don't Gain challenge at work is winding down, so hopefully I'll be able to get to my starting weight or less, but I don't know about that. I'm only 2.6 pounds over what I was when we started before Thanksgiving, so if things keep going the way they are now for the rest of the week, I should be good. I'll report back on that later.

Today's question: How has your holiday wind down/resolution gear up week been going?

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