Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Clothes

Is it possible that new clothes will help my motivation? I'm beginning to think so. I had a conversation with a coworker (she used to be a personal trainer before she became a banker) and she said that it's possible that my blues could be remedied by looking cuter (or feeling like I look cuter) while I'm at the gym. I've posted before that my favorite working pants are these:
C9 by Champion Running Tights
They are sold out at Target online and aren't sold in stores. I've decided that I need to get another pair of them somehow because I love them and I know that I always feel good when I wear them. So I've decided to buy a pair of these: 
Nike Women's Plus Size Tech Run Capri
They are on sale for  $45 from Dick's online. Do they sell these in my size in the store? No. You know why? Because retailers don't like to sell fat people clothes that they actually need to wear. That is so incredibly frustrating. Why can't I walk into a sporting goods store and pick up a pair of workout pants, try them on, and buy them? Why is okay for the girl who wears a size small to large or extra large (depending on the manufacturer) to be able to buy workout clothes that fit her, but I can't because I wear one size larger than her? Anyway. I'm going to buy one pair of pants and a shirt or two so that I can feel cute when I am at the gym. Do I need to impress anyone? No. I need to feel good for myself so that I remember why I'm doing this. If I feel ugly and frumpy - why would I workout hard? Why would I want to look good for my husband and myself? The cuter I look at the gym, I figure, the cuter I feel after I keep working out, losing weight, and need to buy new workout clothes again because these don't fit! 

Here's my question to you tonight: What are your thoughts on retailers not stocking plus size workout clothes? And - one more for fun - What is your favorite workout clothing article?

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