Thursday, December 15, 2011

Does a compliment mean that much?

Third work out for the week done. Just two more to go and I'll have completed my first full week of being back to the gym (read: getting all of my 5 workouts in). I met Oli tonight so that I could get my measurements done. I was able to compare my stats from last August (2010) and man, seeing those pumped me up. Down 20 pounds and probably 10 inches all over. I've gained weight, but I haven't really gained any inches back, so that was really good to see.

Tonight was 20 minutes on the elliptical and then arms, back, and crunches. I killed it! David and I secured a bench and alternated using it, barbells, and dumbbells. When I was done with everything on the bench I went over to the pull down/row/pull up contraption. You know the one - where the muscle heads hang out. Like this only bigger. I had to do pull downs (I like those because, well, because I have to arch my back. Mom always said to flaunt what you've got.) and tricep push downs. When I workout I try to be stickler for form because I don't want to get hurt. So I'm doing my push downs and this random guy (not bad looking, either) complimented me on my form. He said that I have good form and that normally when he sees people (I'm assuming he meant women?) doing those, they typically have terrible form. I was thrilled! I know I have good form, but for some random person to compliment me on it makes me jump to cloud 9.

Question for tonight: Why is that when the people we care about tell us something nice it doesn't mean as much as it does when it comes from a stranger?

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