Sunday, December 4, 2011

A New Beginning - Rebecca's Story

Hello world! I'm Rebecca Alcorn. A  29-year old married female living in Knoxville. That's me ->

Over the course of the last year I lost 25 - 30 pounds. I got super burnt out over the summer and had a bit of a relapse of 5 - 10 pounds. It all really depends on which scale I weigh myself on. I worked out on and off over the course of the last 3 months, but didn't really change back to what my activity level was before I got burnt out. Recently at work we implemented a little challenge called 'Maintain, Don't Gain.' It is a holiday challenge to stay within +/- 3 pounds of your pre-holiday weight. We weigh in again the 2nd or 3rd of January. My goal is to be 5 pounds down from my pre-holiday weight.

I work out with a personal trainer [shout out to Oli] at a local gym. He and I met for the first time since June last week and came up with some goals for me. David and I have a trip to France planned for next May after he graduates from grad school and I'd like to be down 25 pounds by the time we leave on May 11. That means that I have to lose 5 pounds each month. When Oli and I talked about this (in between crunches and squats) he said that I need to have a punishment if I don't meet that goal. The punishment that he came up with was this: If I don't lose 5 pounds a month I have to add in a spin class on top of my other, regularly scheduled workouts until I lose the previous month's 5 pounds. So, if I only lose 3 pounds in December, that means that I have to do a spin class every weekend until I lose the extra 2 pounds in January. If I don't lose 7 pounds in January, then I have to continue that extra spin class in February. Basically, if I don't succeed in December, my butt is going to be numb in January.

So that's the story of my new beginning.


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