Thursday, October 11, 2012

My foot...

I haven't run since my half on September 22 because of serious foot pain. A friend who is an athletic trainer said that the pain is likely a plantar fascia strain. It's 3 weeks later and the pain is no better so I made an appointment with my podiatrist. She told me that I need to elevate my heel a little to alleviate the pain and rest the arch or something.

I'm sitting in the chair right now waiting for my X-ray results to come back. She said that it looks bulgy... It's never good to hear those kinds of things about your feet. I'm sure I'll need to get some kind of inserts for my street shoes. I've already bought inserts for my running shoes, but not doing any running they don't do me any good. And-my running shoes are 11s and my street shoes are 10s so the inserts I have won't fit my regular/street shoes.

All I want to be able to do is run again. I feel like a blob.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

CU Water Cooler Symposium

This post is not about anything fitness related. There are only three people that subscribe to this blog anyway, so it's not like there is a huge following of people that will be annoyed by the fact that I'm not posting about fitness. However, if you are annoyed, I apologize. You don't have to read this post.

Now that that is out of the way: I'm at this conference for credit union folk. It's probably one of the best conferences that I've been to, no offense ASTD conference organizers. It's small, personable, and a lot of fun. It's also incredibly motivating. I think that it's primarily geared toward marketing people, but I'm really getting a lot out of it (I'm a trainer).

We've been given the task of completing all these items to be able to get points to win prizes. It's supposed to be completed with a team (of which I've only found two or three people) and posted to Twitter. Sorry if you follow me. I've been quite active today. So anyway - the reason I'm writing this blog post is because if I do, I get 100 points for the contest! My post is supposed to be about an interesting thing I've discovered or experienced in Nashville.

Hands down, the interesting that I experienced in Nashville has been the Symposium itself. I'm not going to recap the speakers sessions or anything like that. You can see that information on Twitter by searching the hashtag #CUWCS. My thing that is really interesting is the fashion show that I was in this morning. I got to model a beautiful lime green shirt from CU Swag that I proceeded to pimp out with the help of my table mates. Well, most of them. I got up on stage in a purple wig and purple pimp hat covered in streamers and arm tattoos. It was great.

There were 5 "models". I came in 4th in the voting. I knew I wasn't going to win because I know that I can't sell it, but it was fun. It usually takes me awhile to warm up and get out of my shell. I'm glad that I did that. It Really enhanced my experience of the conference. Here's a link to the picture someone posted on twitter: I'm on the far right. Here's another shot:

It was a ton of fun! Next time you have the opportunity to volunteer for something that you don't know what you're getting into, do it. Live a little. You never know, it might just put you at ease and help you break the ice with people.

Thanks, CU Swag, for the fun accessories. My favorite items were the pimp hat, purple hair, and red star glasses!