Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fitness at Home

Wednesday mornings are supposed to be cross training mornings in the world of half-marathon training at the Alcorn house. So this morning when I woke up late (6:30, the time we should arrive at the gym) I decided that I wasn't going to let that ruin my workout (especially since we didn't get up and run yesterday).

A couple of days ago I was Stumbling Along the vast interwebs when this lovely image popped up on my screen:
Sorry, I don't have the source...
I took a picture of it with my phone because I like to workout outside when we workout at home and it's a whole lot easier to just bring my phone outside than my computer. So I got my clothes on and came out to show David that he needed to go get dressed too (I don't talk a whole lot first thing in the morning).

We took the yoga mat and a kitchen chair out in the front yard. I turned on the Pandora station 100% Exertion and we started our jumping jacks. Let me just say that I haven't, until this morning, done jumping jacks in years. They are GREAT at getting the old ticker, well, ticking. We did 3 sets. We finished up at about 7:10 or so. I do my pushups and burpees on the kitchen chair.  David does them the manly way - on his fists on top of the hot pink yoga mat!

I challenge you to try this. It requires no equipment. Just a good sports bra and sneakers that will give your ankles support from all the jumping you'll be doing. Keep good form. Don't take breaks between exercises. It'll wake you up and, in the TN summer mornings when it's 70 degrees outside at 6:50 a.m., you'll work up a sweat that you'll really love washing off in the cool shower!

We did this and my day was amazing. Again, I challenge you to try this. Start with one set. As my favorite Biggest Loser, Antone Davis, says, "You just have to get moving."

See - isn't this better than the last post?! 

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