Monday, January 23, 2012

Lazy Bones

I'm at lunch on what is turning into a lovely Monday and I'm pondering my existence from the weeked.

Does anyone else suffer on the weekends? Let me rephrase that. Do anyone elses workouts suffer on the weekends? Let me give you a brief recap of my weekend and you tell me if you have moments (read: weekends) like the one I had.

Friday night: Sat my ass in the chair all night and watched Bones on Netflix from our new Blu-Ray player. I don't even remember if I cooked dinner or not. Sad. I know that I didn't do my burpees or any exercise for that matter.

Saturday: I woke up at 8:50. I was supposed to be at the gym at 9:00 to meet Oli. I texted him feeling incredibly guilty for not going to meet him at the gym. He asked me if he wrote me out a workout plan would I come in later and do it. Maybe I was lying to myself, but I told him that I'd go in. Did I? Of course not. What did I do instead? I made a frittata for breakfast, met a friend for a journey to the Healthy Living Expo (what a joke) downtown, and then I went home and, you'll never guess.... Yep. I sat on my ass watching Bones all night again. I did make homemade chicken and cornmeal dumplings for dinner, so that was good. All in all, an enjoyable day. With the exception of the guilt.

Sunday: I woke up at 9;00 a.m. I walked out to the living room and sat there, on my ass, until bed time watching Bones. I was supposed to do consulting work, but I didn't because I was too enthralled with Seeley and Temperence and all the fun people at the Jeffersonian Institute. Ugh! What a wasted weekend. I started to feel guilty around 6:00 that I hadn't done anything all day but sit on my toosh and eat. Oh well, it's behind me now, but I still feel like shit for spending a weekend like that.

So that was my weekend. Was yours better than that? Please make me feel better about myself and tell me that I'm not the only one that spends my weekends like that. I didn't even do laundry. The good news is that it is the week and there won't be countless hours for me to spend sitting on my ass watching a television show. But, just to top it off, I went to Cookout for lunch and had an order of hush puppies and two corn dogs. I didn't want tomato soup and that is all I had in my drawer at work.

The best thing I can say about this day is that I brought my gym bag with me and I'm going to hit the treadmill, or the pavement if it's not raining, after work. I have to do that. And, I'm going to make spaghetti, which I know isn't the healthiest, but is the tastiest for dinner tonight.

So tell me - was your weekend as exciting as mine was? Or, were you a good little person and go to the gym, eat healthier than I did, and move more than to just switch which side of the couch to lay on?


  1. sounded like an amazing weekend. we need those from time to time