Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Accomplishment

After I published the post about my shoes, David and I went for a walk. I wasn't in the mood to run. We went out to one of our local Greenways. It is 2.25 miles around and I really couldn't get into the idea of running it. Plus - we hadn't had dinner yet so I was hungry. I think that was my main problem.

This particular Greenway has a big hill at one end so we decided we'd walk down it and run up it a few times. I did this training last year as recommended by my trainer when I was prepping for the Warrior Dash. I could never make it the whole way up the hill. It's a bitch. I mean, it's a .25 mile hill. It's like an 80 foot incline. Sometimes it feels like it's straight up. If you click the link above it has a rating of difficult with extreme slopes. This hill is the longest in the park. I repeat - it's a bitch.

But guess what I did tonight. On a night when I was feeling blah from not eating and when I didn't even want to be out walking around? I ran up the whole hill. My sticking point is one curve where the incline gets pretty steep and the curve is sharp. The furthest I made it last year was to a light post. Tonight I rounded every curve without stopping, topped out the last bit of hill and finished the straightaway strongly. I still can't believe I finished it. David was walking beside or behind me nearly the whole time I was running (yes, I'm slow, painfully slow). I wasn't able to talk when I got to the top, but I recovered quickly.

Next time we run hills - I'm doing it twice. Just to laugh extra hard in its face! It may not have been me doing it at all though; it really may just have been the shoes!
My success!

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